Weekly Meal Planning - It's the week before Christmas!

Weekly Meal Planning - It's the week before Christmas!

It's one week until Christmas and with a lot of activities and things to do (I see you pile of presents hiding in the basement waiting to be wrapped....), I'm creating an easy meal week with items I already have in the house.  I'll need to fight the crowds at some point to gather items for a Christmas Eve dinner side for my mom's house, and two Christmas day appetizers at two stops, but I want to separate my thoughts and grocery list to keep things organized and stress free!  

Monday - Shrimp Scampi with Broccoli Fettuccini Alfredo

I have some heavy cream leftover from last week and a couple heads of broccoli so here we go! 

  • Dethaw cooked (or raw) shrimp - melt butter in a skillet, add garlic, cook 30 seconds, then add shrimp.  Toss to coat - DONE  
    • **If using raw shrimp, cook shrimp 1-2 minutes per side until pink 
  • Start boiling fettuccini noodles and add chopped broccoli in for the last 5-6 minutes of cook time.  Toss with Creamy Alfredo Sauce 
  • Serve with a side salad or garlic bread

Tuesday - Taco Soup

Wednesday - Turkey Sausage and Potato Sheet Pan

  • Slice up a few golden or red potatoes into bite size pieces and toss with some larger sliced onions, olive oil and preferable seasonings. I'm using paprika, garlic, seasoned salt, salt & pepper. 
  • Spread on sheet pan and roast at 400° for 30 minutes **Need a quicker cook time?  Try covered with foil and bake for 15-20 minutes - the foil steams the potatoes making them cook faster
  • Slice the turkey sausage into bite pieces or rings.  Stir potatoes and add in the sausage pieces.  Cook uncovered for 15-20 minutes
  • I'll be serving with a bag of steamy frozen peas in a light butter sauce

Thursday - Veggie Lo Mein

  • I have some broccoli stalks leftover from Monday's meal, a lonely red pepper, carrots, and a package of mushrooms so Veggie Lo Mein it is!
  • Serving with a side of air fryer frozen egg rolls 

Friday - Date Night!

  • My in-laws are taking the kiddos for an overnight stay so the hubby and I will be heading out for a quiet date night before the Christmas festivities begin! I'm not sure where yet, but anywhere we have a chance to sit down, reconnect for a few minutes, and no dishes to clean up is all a win in my book. 

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