Air Fryer Pumpkin Seeds

Air Fryer Pumpkin Seeds

Carving pumpkins is definitely not my forte... I mean, I draw stick people and that's the extent of my artistic abilities *facepalm*.  But alas, every year I end up helping the littles carve 'scary' faces into their pumpkins and watch them light up with delight with the whole process.  Cutting the top off, scraping all the pumpkin strings and goop out, drawing a design, carefully carving and popping out pumpkin chunks, and then lighting up their special pumpkin with lights.  

I light up with delight when I pull out all those fresh, delicious, pumpkin seeds!  Yes, it takes some time and patience to pull them off the flesh, but oh baby, it's so worth it, I promise.  

Once the seeds are removed from the pumpkin pulp, rinse in a colander and lay out on kitchen towels to dry.  This year I ended up putting the dried seeds in a container and air frying them the next day. 

Once they're prepped, it's easy going from here!  Toss them with your favorite seasonings, olive oil and air fry at 360 degrees for 7-10 minutes (depending on your air fryer and how 'done' you like them).  Shake once or twice during cooking and... done! 


  • Fresh, rinsed pumpkin seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Seasonings... get creative here and make to your taste!!  This first batch I made for the adults. The second batch was for the kids. 
  • Batch #1
    • Smoked paprika
    • Chili powder
    • Lawry's seasoned salt
    • Salt 
    • Red pepper
  • Batch #2
    • Cinnamon 
    • Pumpkin pie spice (no pumpkin pie spice?  Use more cinnamon, some nutmeg and ginger) 
    • Salt
    • White sugar 

Make It: 

  • Here's where I apologize for not having precise measurements for you!  Depending on your taste level, amount of pumpkin seeds per batch, I find it best to eyeball as you go. 
  • **TIP!  You can always add more seasoning at the end when they are still hot from the air fryer.  This is especially helpful for the salt level.
  • Preheat air fryer to 360 degrees
  • Working in batches, mix pumpkin seeds, olive oil and seasonings in a bowl and cook in air fryer for 7-10 minutes.  Depending on your air fryer they may cook more or less quickly so remember to check every few minutes and give them a good shake or stir
  • Remove when they look nice and toasty! 

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