The Jaxon Omelet

The Jaxon Omelet is inspired by my son who was 6 years old when he started proudly making his own omelets.  And boy did he teach me a thing or two about melty cheese inside the omelet. 


2 eggs

Ham or crumbled bacon

One slice of Swiss cheese (we prefer the melty Kraft kind which I have a hard time finding in the stores so I certainly stock up when I see it!) 

Salt and pepper to taste

8", 9.5" or 12" non-stick frying pan

Nylon Spatula 

To Make: 

Whisk two eggs in bowl with a pinch of salt while heating a non-stick frying pan on low/medium.

When pan is warmed, add eggs, diced ham or bacon and rip that piece of Swiss cheese up into little pieces and add dots of cheese over entire egg.  Do this right after adding the egg to the frying pan which will ensure the gooey cheese cooks right into the middle of the omelet! 

Turn a little lower and continue cooking low and slow until eggs are set.  Fold in half with the RSVP Flexible Nylon Spatula (which is the absolute BEST egg flipper I've tried) and enjoy!  Fast and easy mid-week breakfast. 

For a thicker omelet, try with the 8" Easy Pro Frying Pan or try it on the 12" Easy Pro Frying Pan for a thinner, quicker cooked omelet.  Even better, add another egg and slice of cheese for a really dynamite way to start the day! 

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