Rinse Yo Fruit!

You may or may not have heard about using a simple white vinegar and water rinse to keep those delicate berries fresher than fresh. It's true! It's the one thing we make sure gets done while unpacking the groceries because no one wants to find sad, soggy berries in their fridge 3 days after landing in your fridge.  

So!  It's a simple mix of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Psst, we don't even measure... sometimes things are better done then perfect and when you're unpacking those groceries, it's much easier to just dump and move on. 

We love the Geometric Drain Basket for this task. It's not only cute but after it's all done, we just toss the bowl into the fridge and doubles as your fridge fruit storage!

Simply add the berries to the Geometric Drain Basket, pour in one part vinegar and then 3 parts water (make sure to cover the berries).  Swish them around a smidgen, let sit in the mixture for several minutes (2-5 minutes, lesser time does not seem to affect the outcome), lift the drain basket from the bowl and rinse with water.  Dump the mixture from the bowl, give it a quick rinse and place the drain basket back into the bowl.  Done and done!  


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